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​How to Survive Mondays without Going Crazy

Do you always find yourself tired on Mondays, not being able to get up from the bed and trying so hard to arrive to the university or your job? We have a few tips that will help you deal with Mondays and start your week with a smile on your face!

1. Have a Game Plan

Prepare for your week in advance. Sunday evening, take a moment to think about what you need to accomplish during the upcoming week. Don't try and get a week's worth of errands and cleaning done in one day, Monday! Just take it easy from the beginning! Don't forget to pick your outfit on Sunday night which will save you few valuable minutes in the morning ;)

2. Set Your Alarm Early

Mind over matter. We all know it is not very healthy to hit that snooze button for like 20 times but most of the people still like it and do it. Find the way that suits you the best and keep up with it.

3. Mindset Matters – So Does Music.

When it’s Monday, sometimes you need to change something. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. Now really listen to me here as this is ultra-important – This is the time for the cool upbeat channel on Spotify. Absolutely no sappy music. No music that makes you think. Now is the time to start the week perfectly! Blast them.

4. Routine, routine and routine

Over the weekend, go through all the paperwork or study, catch up on laundry, and attempt (again, please notice the word attempt) to get homework done well before Sunday night. And then Sunday night has a routine – we just plow through it getting ready for the inevitable early alarm. And yes, yes, yes… I really do have three alarms set just in case.

5. Be Stocked

If you’re a coffee drinker, Monday is not the morning to run out. Part of the prepping will involve keeping that caffeinated drink of choice stocked. Or tea. Or whatever else my non-coffee reliant friends indulge on in the morning.

6. Week Has 7 Days

Remember that you have six other days in the week. So maybe Monday was bad, well, thank goodness you have Tuesday. That’s the awesome thing about time – it just keeps moving. And remember your track record for making it through those Mondays is 100%.

7. You are not alone

Here’s the deal. We’re all in this Monday day together. We all have it. We have the mornings with the hurry, trying to make healthy breakfast or finish all the thing we didn’t end up doing during the weekend. We all get Monday. So, when you’re ready to throw in the white towel of Monday surrender we’ll either all join you or join you in celebrating when Tuesday morning rolls around!