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How to move around Cordoba

Cordoba is a city that is ideal for exploring by foot, as the old town and the main monuments and places of interest are very close to each other. But if you’ll stay here longer, it’s nice to know some tips on how to move around the city faster. In Cordoba, there are two categories of public transportation: within the city, and outside of the city. The public transportation options within the city are taxis, buses or bikes.

How to live life in Spain

When you arrive and settle in a new country, you want to fit in as quickly as possible, adopting the local customs and traditions. Because let's admit it, it's never really pleasant to be always referred to as 'the tourist'. So here are some tips on how to live like a local in Spain !

Best apps for learning Spanish

Gone are the days of writing hundreds of flashcards to help memorize Spanish verbs. Instead, download the following apps we mention below. While attending language classes is important in helping you improve your grasp of Spanish and acclimatise to your new country, there are some more relaxed ways you can build your skills outside of the classroom.