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Spanish New Year traditions

Hi everyone! Today is 31st of December and soon it’s time to say goodbye for the year 2018. It has been a very good year, we have met many nice customers, learned a lot of new things and enjoyed our lives for this past 12 months. If it’s the first time for you to celebrate New Year in Spain we want to share with you some of the Spanish traditions:

6th of December - national holiday

As you probably already know, Thursday the 6th December will be a national holiday and you will be free from work or uni! But what does Spain actually celebrate? And how? Find it out in this blog post.

3 Spanish series you need to see

Hi everyone! Now when it´s getting colder and darker it´s a good opportunity to be inside learning some Spanish by watching Spanish series. Here are three of our favourite series:

How to spend rainy holiday in Cordoba

Cordoba has more than 7 months of sunny and really hot days but… Before visiting or coming to Cordoba for the autumn or winter time you should know that during this period Cordoba has some rainy and cold days as well. We need to say that adaptation is quite hard when you already have experienced more than 40 degrees here! Although cold season in Cordoba has its own magic and there are few recommendations how to spend rainy holiday in Cordoba!

How the fall in Andalucía looks like

On the one hand sad, but on the other side really beautiful – end of the summer, start of the autumn. As in every other European country, there is also autumn in Spain, however, especially the Andalusian fall might be a little bit different than you might have known it…

1 day of Córdoba's best

When you have the opportunity to make a semester abroad you should discover every inch of your city. We’ve taken this opportunity and made a day only sightseeing in Córdoba. As you now, it’s not a very big city so you can do the complete sightseeing by foot. In this blog entry, you can see our personal recommendations and how our day of sightseeing looked like.

What is “La Noche de San Juan”

Every year, on the night of the 23rd of June at midnight, people all over Spain celebrate “la noche de San Juan”. But what is this celebration? Why do people celebrate? And what are the best places in Spain to go see it?

5 Books to Start Reading in Spanish

One of the best ways to familiarize yourself with a language and learn a good amount of vocabulary is to read, read and read! With summer approaching fast and, with it, its sunny days spent at the beach or in a hammock, here is a selection of easy-to-read books in Spanish so that you keep practicing your Spanish without even noticing!