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The Best Tapas in Andalucia

Spain is knwon for its Tapas, small portions of food that are served warm or cold. You can enjoy Tapas in basically every bar or bodega, accompanied by a cold beer or wine. Usually, Spanish people have tapas before lunch and dinner (which is pretty late here as you know). In this article the most popular Tapas dished in Andalucia are listed :)

Hot tapas

The hot tapas are also very varied. From the well known Tortilla, a round potato omelette, to dishes that are prepared out of a stew-pot.

Croquetas are small croquettes and can be found with all sorts of filling, Most commonly with ham, cheese or shrimps and are served piping hot.

There is also ‘albondigas en salsa’ which are porky meatballs served in a sauce based on spicy tomatoes, almonds and parsley.

Inevitable in any tapas bar in Andalucía are the potatoes or as the Spanish know them: ‘patatas bravas’, They're by far the cheapest and easiest tapa. Usually comes fried with chili and a garlicky aioli.

Solomillo is steak and comes with all kinds of sauces, for example the ‘Solomillo en salsa pimiento’ which are pieces of steak in peppercorn sauce. Other popular choices of sauces that goes well with Solomillo are the whisky sauce and the almond sauce.

Cold Tapas

The immensely popular Serrano and Iberico ham here is produced from special Andalusian pigs and can be found practically in every bar in Andalucía.

Also olives can basically be found anywhere, most bars will give them to you for free when ordering any drink or to accompany any other tapa. The Andalusian olives here come in all sorts of tastes and shapes, sweet manzanillas, bitter ones and there are even olives stuffed with anchovy.

There are also some pretty exotic salads you can get here. Salpicon for example, which includes chopped tomatoes, onions and peppers with shellfish (usually prawns). There is also one called Remojon which exists of codfish, oranges, olives and onions. This mixture of ingredients might sounds a bit strange, but surprisingly enough it tastes pretty great. Equally as nice is the ensalada campera which is a lemony potato salad with fish dressed with oil and lemon.

Fresh fish is of course also very popular as a tapa, as Andalucia is famous for its fish. There is a whole selection of shellfish that can be found in the bars, like for example mussels, prawns, clams, lobster and many more. Some other fried fish can also be found on the Andalucian menus. Boquerones, small fried anchovies, and calamares (fried squid) are the best-known ones.

As you probably realize by now there is an almost endless offer of different tapas in Andalucia. Hopefully this blog gave you a better insight on which tapas you should have but to find out which ones you really like the most just go to the local bars/restaurants and try them!