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The 10 essentials to bring to the beach!

Summer time rimes with beach trips for sure. To save some money why don’t you prepare your own lunch for your beach day? Keep in mind that the sand will be your first enemy and inevitably ends up everywhere! Here are some advices and ideas of what to pack for the beach :

5 food ideas to pack for a beach day :

1. Wraps/ Tortilla

Healthier than regular sandwiches, it’s just fun to coil things up in a tortilla and at the same time, the ingredients are better protected !

Little plus : it’s easier to eat than a sandwiches ;)

2. Whole fruit

Peaches, nectarines, apples, grapes make a sweet choice!

3. Pasta salad

It holds up well in the heat ( if you don’t put mayonnaise in it of course ! )

4. Cookies/Biscuits

Don’t forget dessert! It’s probably best to skip anything chocolate to avoid a melty mess…

5. Water/Liquids

Please, DON’T FORGET to stay hydrated all day, avoid the strokes, reassure your parents.

What you might forget to bring to the beach (and you’ll regret it) :

1. Suncream

Do not forget it, or you’ll regret it. (Evil laugh)

2. Camera and phone accessories

Because you won’t miss the opportunity to keep those beautiful beach trip memories in mind, and on Instagram ;)

3. Umbrella

The beach can be pretty harsh, the umbrella makes the difference between sunbathing and sunburning.

4. Blanket

Always a good idea to bring a large blanket where you can all lie down on the beach ! And keep the towels to dry, not to lie.

5. Change of clothes

After a whole day sunbathing, the evening seems pretty cold even if it’s not. Don’t stay in wet bikinis, put dry clothes on and take a little jacket, just in case if it’s windy ;).

Here we are everyone, hope you enjoyed our little tips and ideas of our top 10 essentials to bring to the beach.

Bisous, bisous :*